Friday, May 10, 2013

A Little Goes a Long Way

Today I received this email

and for once I actually decided to do something. I'm A HUGE supporter of  MIND because they had a huge part in getting my life back on track. They play an active role in society giving support to those most in need. In my city they provide 5 centres where 'service - users' can do groups including crafts, relaxation, cooking etc as a way of getting back into society and meeting people in the same circumstances. I'm also involved with the charities TimetoChange & Rethink and volunteer as a champion for both. They both work at raising awareness of mental health and reducing prejudice. It's the 21st century and yet people are still being discriminated against because of an illness. I've experienced it myself on many occasions and I'm sure many others have too. That's why I felt compelled to email my MP when I received the above email. Having FIVE HOURS in the Houses of Commons to discuss mental illness is AMAZING and IMPORTANT. I'm sure my one little email won't mean much but I needed to try. This is an important topic for me and it's great it's being discussed in Parliament but we NEED lots of MPs there. 
I'm not expecting a reply or expecting him to turn up but I want to make a declaration that every little counts. Every small thing is important and I would love if more people felt they had power.