Monday, July 8, 2013

Sometimes it is okay to lie

'So, what are you doing nowadays?'


Well, what do you say without spilling too much of the truth? Well, I lie. The people who ask me this question are usually strangers and/or people I knew at school and are most likely not going to see again. I don't usually like lying but in this instance I know it is okay.

'So, what are you doing nowadays?' I

a) Lie

b) Admit the truth and in doing so spill out my life story to someone I don't really want to know my life story?

I used to be the type of person who felt I had to tell someone EVERYTHING if they asked me, now I'm beginning to realise it is okay to hold back. I think it's picking the right moment or situation to be entirely truthful and picking the moment of when it's okay to tell a white lie.

I'm very truthful and honest about my battle with mental illness. I blogged a lot about it on my tumblr while I was going through my darkest days and I've just started writing a book about it. I talk openly with my friends and family and am enthusiastic in my support of mental health charities. HOWEVER when it comes to people asking ME about it then I close up. Nobody has the right to demand stories from me without my consent. It's the same when people ask me what I've been up to in the last few months/years. I lie. I lie because it's easier and I lie because I have chosen not to disclose certain information.

'So, what are you doing nowadays?'

I lie but it's a partial lie. I tell people I've just finished university. The truth is I quit uni a year ago but people assume I mean I graduated university and I just go along with the questions they then ask. Sometimes I am ashamed for lying as if I'm living in the past or creating a fictional future but I'm not. I'm lying because it avoids awkward questions.